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Drainfield Services

Installation & Repair

S.O.S. Septic can handle any and all of your drainfield service needs. Whether we're building it as part of your septic system installation or restoring it after a system failure - we do it all.

Your septic system is composed of the pipes that transport wastewater, the septic tank that holds the waste, and the drainfield which removes contaminants from the water before it is absorbed back into the ground.

Also referred to as a leach field or leach drain, a properly functioning drainfield is paramount for homeowners and businesses that have a septic system.

While septic cleaning and pumping may be the service homeowners and businesses call for most often, when it comes to septic repair, the majority of problems and failures are actually due to the drainfield, not the septic tank.


Drainfield Repair & Restoration

S.O.S. Septic is an expert when it comes to drainfields. Whether we're restoring one as part of a septic system replacement or troubleshooting and fixing a drainfield problem, we do it all:

  • Residential Drainfield Services

  • Commercial Drainfield Services

  • Drainfield Replacement / Installation

  • Drainfield Repair

  • Drainfield Restoration

  • Drainfield Rejuvination

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The average life of a drainfield is 17-20 years... if properly maintained.

  • Don't park on your drainfield.

  • Don't drive on your drainfield.

  • Don't plant trees or shrubs on or too close to your drainfield (or any part of your septic system). Tree roots can grow into the system.

  • Make sure you roof drains are not positioned to allow rainwater to flow into your drainfield.

Symptoms of a Drainfield Problem

Most septic system problems and failures are more often than not due to a drainfield problem - not a septic tank problem. The following symptoms could mean that your drainfield is impermeable; or no longer able to absorb wastewater properly.

  • Septic / Sewer Odor

  • Slow Draining Sinks

  • Slow Draining Showers and Bathtubs

  • Slow Draining Toilets

  • Gurgling Pipes

  • Sewage Backups

  • Sewage Ponding (sewage pooling in your yard)

From drainfield installation to drainfield restoration - S.O.S Septic is equipped to handle the entire life of your drainfield. Call 941-473-1767 today for drainfield service!

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