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Grease Traps Services

Pump-Outs & Cleaning

S.O.S. Septic is trusted by hundreds of restaurants throughout Southwest Florida with their grease pump-outs and cleaning needs.

Most septic companies aren't trained in grease trap pumping like we are. Our experienced employees can quickly remove the oil sand fats from your grease trap to prevent clogs.

S.O.S. Septic has the equipment, experience, and highly-trained technicians to handle your grease trap pump-out.

  • Grease trap cleaning

  • Grease trap pumping

Grease traps, also referred to as grease interceptors, capture (trap / intercept) grease before it enters the sewer waste disposal system- whether that's the city sewer system or the property's septic tank.

Grease traps capture grease like septic tanks capture waste. Also like septic tanks, grease traps must be routinely cleared out.

Grease traps are primarily used by the food service industry, but any business that deals with the disposal of grease, fats, and oils could benefit from a grease trap. Depending on your industry, it may be required by law.

Grease, fats, and oils solidify at room temperature. They may enter your drains a liquid, but along the disposal line they will solidify and eventually clog. These clogs can lead to sewage overflows- a significant health risk.

Not having your grease trap cleaned out routinely will lead to clogs, overflows, and health risks. A grease trap with too much build-up will begin releasing grease into the flow of the disposal system.

For professional, affordable grease trap pump-outs call S.O.S. Septic today at 941-473-1767!

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